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Linntett is the Jazz sextet of baritone saxophone player

Kira Linn. The band introduces the sound possibilities of a

rhythm section combined with the energy of three

saxophones. The musicians got to know each other during

their studies at the Nuremberg University of Music, but now

live and work across Germany and Switzerland.


Linntett released their debut CD Nature in 2017 with 

"Double Moon Records" in the Jazzthing Next Generation

series. For this album, Kira transferred pictures of

photographs showing motives from nature scenes into

compositions. In October 2019 Linntett recorded the

second album featuring Jorge Rossy and Domenic Landolf. The new compositions are inspired by journeys Kira took and places she visited. The album is going to be released with the label „Laika Records“ in September 2020.

Her compositions emphasize the versatility of the band. Big band - like saxophone tuttis are followed by counterpoint melodies and rhythmically intricate grooves. Kira likes to use her baritone saxophone for different purposes: sometimes she plays the leading melody part, sometimes an accompanying bass line or she uses its soft, dark sound as a soloing instrument. The dynamic, exciting and diverse sound experience will take you on a musical journey through different countries and cities.

The Linntett has played over 30 concerts at Unterfahrt Munich, the Jazzrally in Düsseldorf and the international jazz week in Burghausen among others.



Niels Klein:

"The ensemble of Kira Linn is precise and closely interlinked but plays nevertheless with exuberant freshness and energy. It naturally combines various influences into a new whole, as one could wish for from a group of young musicians."

Kira Linn - Baritone sax / Bass clarinet / Composition

Nino Wenger - Alto sax / Flute

Christopher Kunz - Tenor sax / Soprano sax

Lukas Großmann - Piano

Lukas Keller - Upright bass

Johannes Koch - Drums

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